Self-Serve: The Future of Hospitality

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Denisa Richvalska
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Self-Serve: The Future of Hospitality

Peter Moore, CEO of Lolly the point of sale (PoS) and payments specialist,is warning hospitality providers (of all sizes) to embrace self-servetechnology or face being 'left on the shelf'.Speaking on a panel debate on the theme of 'Taking on the Digital DiningRevolution' at this year's Restaurant & Bar Tech Live event, he will discussthe role of self-serve in today's busy hospitality environment. He comments:"Self-serve is the future of hospitality, supporting the entire cashlessmovement. Those who don't adopt it will suffer from a decline in footfall,which will ultimately have an impact on their bottom line."The technology is designed to empower the end user, to shop as they wantand when they want - it's about individualisation and personalisation. It'swhat today's millennial has come to expect - certainly in their shoppingexperiences, and very soon within café and food on- the-go outlets. I thinkit's only a matter of time before self-serve becomes 'the norm', and webegin to see a real step-change in the way we order our food, because thereis clearly a need to service millennials - now, but also in the future. Whoknows, in years to come, perhaps this demographic will also come to expectthis type of service as part of their fine dining experience. Only time willtell.”Moore reflects on the fact that self-serve adoption rates across the sectorhave - so far - been low, due to primitive technology and associated highcosts.In August 2018, Lolly announced the launch of its first-to-market entrylevel PoS and self-serve platform - LollyServe, which combines traditionalEpoS payments with self serve. Peter Moore adds:"We have developed a solution to meet all budgets and all requirements fromsmall businesses through to enterprise - to support the movement towardscashless environments. And we're excited to be debuting the technology atthe Restaurant & Bar Tech Live event."He goes on to reflect on the impact of Brexit and lower staffing levelswithin the hospitality sector."There will always be a requirement for staff interaction at the point ofsale and hospitality providers need a back-up plan for this type ofprovision. But things are evolving and self-serve will be the future."To see a demonstration of LollyServe visit stand 2852 at Restaurant & BarTech Live, or to hear Peter Moore speaking on the 'Taking on the DigitalDining Revolution' panel debate on Tuesday 25th at 11am in Theatre 10.

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