Warm Weather Increases Entertainment Spend by 11.6%

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Katrina Suppiah
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Warm Weather Increases Entertainment Spend by 11.6%

According to research from Barclaycard[1], March 2017 saw a 11.6% spend growth on entertainment as the warmer weather prompted more visits to pubs and restaurants.It will be interesting to see the statistics that appear from the current heat wave we are experiencing. Doubtless it will have resulted in a huge surge of people making their way to outdoor pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants - looking to lap up the rays of sunshine.But the question begs, are all hospitality providers geared up to effectively manage the increasing numbers? Do they have the right technology in place? And the correct numbers of staff? And are those employees fully on board and ready to help maximise the opportunity?Getting it right when it comes to technology support is key. Making sure customers are served both promptly and effectively should be paramount for every hospitality provider, in order to avoid unnecessary queues and delays, which could - potentially - detract their future custom.We created LollyTab to provide an affordable 'all-in-one', queue-busting solution - perfect for the outdoor hospitality environment. The product is a Windows Tablet PC which can be countertop fixed or detached from its dock to go portable. When portable, the tablet creates a queue busting solution, where staff can take orders in the queue to speed up service time. And, it can be networked to enable remote printing, send orders to food or drink preparation areas and increase work flow efficiency.At the end of the day, this peak selling period is the time to really promote sales. We want to give our customers flexibility and control over their sales. Gone are the days of needing two expensive EPoS units, one system can now work across an entire site - maximising flexibility, service and sales potential.Bring on the summer...[1] https://www.thecaterer.com/articles/500277/warmer-weather-prompts-spend-uplift-in-pubs-and-restaurants

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